Not Enough House Building?

House Building Numbers

House prices in England are at their highest levels ever, and only show signs of increasing, albeit possibly more slowly than the previous five or six years, which have seen phenomenal growth, particularly in the south-east, absorbing the “London effect”.

The cry from many quarters, including the Government, is to build more and more houses as soon as possible, but the theory that the greater the supply, the easier the price structuring does not apply in Continue reading “Not Enough House Building?”

Water Holidays

Holidays On The Water

Perhaps it’s because we are an island nation that we have a fascination with water, which almost always features in our glimpses of idyll & one which we often incorporate into our holidays.

To be sure, the prospects to some of a holiday hill-walking, cycling, or perhaps skiing, can carry more enjoyment than looking at a coast line, but as a nation at large, water is where we look to take our relaxations.

There are millions of us who seek a holiday spot close to the seaside, to visit, to walk, lay, play, paddle or swim, and as many more who Continue reading “Water Holidays”

Responsive Web Design

Responsive = Mobile Friendly

Modern HTML5 websites use responsiveness to automatically server content on different devices so that it renders as efficiently as possible.

This means that different devices, mobile phones, tablets, Laptops and PCs will see your website differently.

Typically, on smaller touch screen devices, content is simplified, data heavy slideshows are often removed or compressed & Continue reading “Responsive Web Design”

Modern Construction Methods

Modern Methods of Construction

New and modern construction methods are both hi-tech and although conceptually simple, are pretty complex.

The systems require a work force to keep up to date with the rapidly changing technologies within the construction sector. This may mean that some traditional roles of skilled trades, such as the carpenter, are replaced by a technician with a nail gun.

Modern construction methods are seen on new housing sites, such as timber truss roof frames or flat pack build, or Continue reading “Modern Construction Methods”